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Default Time to leave the stone age (BOSE SYSTEM)

I have a 2004 G35 coupe and simply love it. What I don't love is the system. Don't get me wrong, the sound is fine, its the deck I can do without.

So here is my challenge:
I have been reading around and have come across some forum groups stating that simply buying a dashkit and a new deck is not going to work. This seems to have to do with the way the speakers are amplified, and of course some wiring issues.

I have scurried the internets and really tried to do my due diligence prior to asking. I have a shopping list of some items that I will need, I really want to keep the steering wheel controls working, as well as adding a deck with blue tooth. If anyone has done this I would sincerely appreciate any insight.

Here is what I have on my shopping list

This, of course will be the new deck kit.

I understand this will be needed to allow my new deck to play nicely with the speakers/amps.

So now my only concern is if there is a harness that I can find for this car so I don't need to strip and splice a bunch of wires and will also work with steering wheel.

In addition if anyone else has done this, ANY information would be appreciated.

I am not sure yet what deck I am going to get, but I figure I will figure that out once I have all the pieces of the puzzle.
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