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So this reply seems late... but the performance version you speak of is the Red Sport. It has the 3.0 liter V6 with twin turbos, producing about 400 HP and 350 lbs/torque. Although you can also purchase the 3.0t... which has the same exact engine, but running different software that bottlenecks the horsepower down to 300... however, soon tuner shops will have the ability to "flash" those chips to unlock the full 400 just like the Red Sport. Sadly, Infiniti only sold 2% of the older model Q60's with a manual transmission, so they decided not to even offer a manual transmission for the 2017 version. Having said that though, the new automatic transmissions have improved a lot so they launch pretty well... they're just not AS fun. Still fun though. I'm hoping in a couple of years they may release an IPL version of the Q60, and MAYBE... just maybe reintroduce a manual shift transmission. I would absolutely love that.

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