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Originally Posted by czapata300 View Post
Please share with me the parts list and where vendor you purchased it. I need to do this same upgrade.
First off, Man nice looking truck!!!! Plan to do something similar to mine.
Sorry for the late response, my truck got hit in the back, so I been a little pre-occupied with that. Any way here is the parts list, nothing to fancy.

Note: Your truck does not need to come with the Theater package in order to this (but it makes this better if it does). Also this is only for year model 2011 -2018 QX56 -QX80. This write up will not include the video in motion setup, because it would slightly be out of scope for this purpose and also there is a good write up on this forum in the QX56 section (If you are wondering, yes I have already completed that mod with this and it is awesome). I also want to say that this set up can be permanent, removable or both. Depending on how you install yours it should not affect your WARRENTY. Yes! You new QX owners can get in on the fun as well without worryÖlol.

I did this for two main reasons, because I didnít want to keep dealing with converting videos and DVDís.

1. Car Truck 12/24V Cigarette Lighter Dual USB Charger Digital LED Volt Meter (I don't know why they call it this). $12.37 on eBay
If you are still under Warranty, and donít want to install this, you can simple use the built in USB that comes with truck, you will need a USB cable that reaches that far. I installed this because I want a more compact look and I think the Roku 3 only needs 5 volts to power on.
I used this to supply power to the HDMI to AV converter
To install this, I cut a hole into the center console by the power button and then used a small router to widen to the width and length of the USB Charger.
I then wired it to one of the 12v cigarette lighters in the back (You can see this in an earlier picture I posted).
2. HDMI to AV converter (make sure you get the one that can work with Roku). The cheap ones do not. $20-30
This item will use the USB port you installed in the center console or to the wire you ran from factory USB port.
3. Roku 4 $50 -$74 or Roku 3
You need 12 volts, if you are still under warranty and do not want to splice into wires or anything like that. You can use the plug that came with the Roku and plug it into the back of the center console.
If you donít care about the warranty and want to risk it, you can splice to a 12 volt source. Once you do that you can run the power wire to the Roku (This is what I did, I used the Roku power cable. I cut off the big power plug and put positive to positive and negative to negative)
If your Truck did not come with the theater package you will have to either use a 12v inverter or splice into a power source.
4. A set of A/V and 3ft HDMI cables $6-30.00
One end of the A/V cables will go to the truck A/V ports located in the center console and the other end will go to the HDMItoAV converter. The HDMI cable will connect to the Roku and the converter.
5. Wi-Fi (you can use your phone or get the T Mobile Wi-Fi that plugs into ODB2 plug) $ it depends on how you want to set this up
For a while I just used my phoneís WIFI hotspot, but since I switched to T-Mobile they offered me T-Mobile Sync-up. So every time the truck starts the WIFI will start automatically and the Roku will connect. I have up to 2GB of LTE and after that I believe it slows down (I have unlimited data plan). I have not gone over my 2GB yet and thatís me watching Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and VEVO.
6. Wires. $5 for a roll.Needed to install the USB port.

7. TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This prices are what I paid, but some of these will vary in price depending on if it is used or new.

Disclaimer: **As always you assume all the risk I am not responsible for any problems or improper installation.**
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