View Full Version : Where is cylinder 4 located on a 2000 infiniti i30?

Christopher B
06-06-2008, 01:03 PM
So recently I have had my service light go on I belive the code read was either 0171 or 0170, I dont remember, but at this point, I have already swapped the pugs, and checked the MAF and made sure everything was clamped to avoid any vacuum leak.

It ran fine for a couple weeks, but now the light came back on so I went and had it checked (FYI for those who dont know AutoZone does a free check, saves up to $100) now Im getting the following:

P1320 Code - Ignition Signal, Primary
P0304 Code - Cylinder #4 Misfire

I'm assuming At this point it is an ignition coil, since I cant think of anything else, so how do I locate cylinder #4?

If you guys can suggest anything else please let me know. Thanks

How is each cylinder labeled on a 2000 infiniti i30 such as Rear left to right 1-2-3 Front left to right 4-5-6 OR Rear left to right 2-4-6 Front left to right 1-3-5?

06-06-2008, 01:03 PM
back of engine 2nd plugwire