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10-25-2009, 07:55 PM
i have an '01 I30t and want to use my ipod in the car but do not want to buy the garbage radio transmitting adapters. i want to hardwire it straight to the stereo but im not sure it i can. does anyone know if you can because if you cant i might just get an entire custom stereo system which im not sure about b/c the Bose system is really pretty good

12-19-2009, 09:06 PM
You wont be able to hook up an ipod to your factory stereo, nor will you be able to hook up a sub with the factory stereo without doing it the crappy way, which is hooking it up thru the rear speakers with an adapter. I say its crappy cuz with it hooked thru the rear speakers, when you control the bass for your speakers, you are controlling the bass for the sub too. So you cant turn the bass down on speakers, and up on sub. Also, the sub will be playing vocals as well as bass, instead of just pure bass like it is sposed to. The only way to play your ipod thru stock stereo with better quality than the fm transmitter would be to use a tape/cd adapter for it. Which is unappealing, but sound quality is better than fm transmitter. The absolute best way to have your ipod in your car as well as having a sub installed is to replace your stock deck. There are adapters to keep all the bose speakers working thru the aftermarket deck. The one I am using works and sounds great. I noticed no difference in the sound quality of the bose speakers going from stock deck to aftermarket. I personally put in a Pioneer touchscreen with ipod interface, ran the ipod wire to my center console so my ipod stays put away and everything is controlled on the touchscreen. I also installed a sub, which there are no issues with putting a sub in once you have an aftermarket deck. So, all in all, if this was confusing at all, my current setup is this:

Pioneer touchscreen w/ adapter for stock Bose speakers
Ipod hooked up to touchscreen w/ full ipod control on touchscreen
12" Polk sub
Audiobahn amp
Sub and Amp are hooked up standard way with aftermarket deck

It all sounds AMAZING and I wouldnt trade any of it for anything else. I have incredibly crisp, clean highs/mids from the stock Bose speakers with the bass turned down, and nice clear, deep bass from the sub, which is fully customizable because it is hooked up the right way, not the crappy way. I used non-technilogical terms like "crappy" to make this all easier to understand. This was alot more than I expected to say, hopefully it helps.