View Full Version : Used Infiniti I30 or Suburu Forester? (both '98)?

John Mikejones
08-07-2009, 12:45 AM
I've got a tough decision coming up right now. I'm about to buy my first car ('I'm 17). Both have four doors. Both have 183,000 miles and are the 1998 model. Here's what I know about the two cars:
Book value: $1,500
Selling for $2,500
Good in the snow, 4 wheel drive. Front breaks didn't work well but the dealer said he fixed them. Radio/speakers may not work.
I have read reviews, and they are in the middle. Some say it's the best car they've had, others say to never buy a Suburu after the experiences they've had. The clock doesn't work anymore as well, which is usual for the '98 Forester. I live in NH, so it's always good to have a car with good handling in crappy conditions. Since we would be paying $1,000 more than the book value is, I'm skeptical... Looks kinda gay.
It sold for around $22,000.
It is inspected and has a sticker on it.

Book value:$8,000
Selling for $2,000
Rated consumer report's #1 used car. Very reliable. Best looking car I've probably ever seen, it's my dream car. It has front wheel drive. It was $30,000 new and rated one of '98's best sudans. Has all power options, including sunroof!! All reviews I read praised this car on all aspects.
It is not inspected and it does not have a sticker. (I'm sure it would pass with flying colors, looks beautiful.

Which one should I choose and why? Thank you and sources would be much appreciated. I have researched both cars for hours on end, just wondering what you people are thinking!
I lied the Infiniti was actually $31,500 new...