View Full Version : Used Infiniti I30 or Subaru Forester (both '98)?

John Mikejones
08-07-2009, 12:25 AM
I've got a tough decision coming up right now. I'm about to buy my first car ('I'm 17). Both have four doors. Both have 183,000 miles and are the 1998 model. Here's what I know about the two cars:
Book value: $1,500
Selling for $2,500
Good in the snow, 4 wheel drive. Front breaks didn't work well but the dealer said he fixed them. Radio/speakers may not work.
I have read reviews, and they are in the middle. Some say it's the best car they've had, others say to never buy a Suburu after the experiences they've had. The clock doesn't work anymore as well, which is usual for the '98 Forester. I live in NH, so it's always good to have a car with good handling in crappy conditions. Since we would be paying $1,000 more than the book value is, I'm skeptical... Looks kinda gay.
It sold for around $22,000.
It is inspected and has a sticker on it.

Book value:$8,000
Selling for $2,000
Rated consumer report's #1 used car. Very reliable. Best looking car I've probably ever seen, it's my dream car. It has front wheel drive. It was $30,000 new and rated one of '98's best sudans. Has all power options, including sunroof!! All reviews I read praised this car on all aspects.
It is not inspected and it does not have a sticker. (I'm sure it would pass with flying colors, looks beautiful.

Which one should I choose and why? Thank you and sources would be much appreciated. I have researched both cars for hours on end, just wondering what you people are thinking!
I lied the Infiniti was actually $31,500 new.

08-07-2009, 12:25 AM
Ok i Doubt that the infinti is your REAL dream car, its just an obtainable dream car.(im pretty sure you'd much rather have a 350z or Infiniti 35(new version of what your lookin at) or even more unrealistically a Maserati or McClaren etc.) And that I30 has to have some problems dude and if you live in the snow you could use the 4wd, BUT the i30 most likely has manual tans,which helps in snow because u can easily go into neutral.I personally wouldn't buy either because of the mileage but if all you can afford is 2g then yea i guess(i had only 2.5 g for my first vehicle so i went with a ninja 250cc 07, GREAT beginner's bike and very reliable....anyways back to the car i go with what you're gonna be happy with, so i'd go with the i30 and both are prob gonna need work so which would u be more happy working on? I know everything about my ninja and about the 350z's and if u can repair 1 nissan u can repair pretty much all of em(infiniti too , just their luxury )

08-07-2009, 12:26 AM
If i were you, I would buy an Infiniti. The ride is smooth, and the cabin is nice. My aunt has a '98, and I really do love to ride in it. The Subaru, to me, looks a little rough around the edges, but I know that the Infinitis have the Nissan Quality (my aunt's is still going strong).