View Full Version : 99 infiniti I30 , coolant leak or not ?

Parag D
10-24-2007, 08:25 AM
my coolant reservoir was empty ,and I thought i was hearing knowcking from the engine , so I took the car to firestone and , told them the synptoms , they suggested a perssure check , dun know what that means , so after the diagnosis was done , they came up with the following results ,
1) the sytem pressure was 20 Psi
2) no leaks found
3) temp guage below half
4) oil dipstick has dark brown color
5) no white smoke on the engine start
6) heard no knocks in the engine.
the firestone people did not know how to deal with this ?
so they toped off the coolant in the reservoir and the radiator
but told me to keep an eye on the level in the reservoir. now what I am afraid is if there is a leak internally ,its going to damage the engine ,so i dont know what to do ?

how can a coolant resevoir be empty if they found no leaks

my car is at 137 k and ran fine until i thought i heard knocking sound , but i guess it isnt knocking but stalling , please help!

Mark N
10-24-2007, 08:26 AM
Evaporation. With the heat of summer it is easy to evaporate. One thing you can do is drain your cooling system and put fresh water and anti-freeze in it. Most makes of car calls for 50/50 mix water and anti-freeze. Raising the boiling point.
If they did the presure check with the radiator cap off, it didn't test the cap. Caps are cheap and one big area in sealing the cooling system.