View Full Version : 97 Stalls when cold and wont' move??

Lee in Ottawa
11-23-2008, 05:05 PM
Hi guys, I'm new here and i'm looking for some help into a problem we're having with my mom's car. It;s actually been like this for years and we've learned to live with it because no one not even the dealer and a tranny specialist could tell us what was wrong with it.

Problem is that when the weather gets cold the car will start but as soon as you put it into reverse it dies or if in drive sometimes it will go but the tranny will shift but not down shift and wants to stall.

Our solution has been to let it simply warm up and that has worked fine but i'd love to be able to solve this problem.

Any ideas.

11-23-2008, 11:12 PM
I believe you are always supposed to let your car warm up when it's cold. Same applies for a brand new car. It is good for the life and longevity of your engine and transmission to let your car warm up! And it's very bad for your car to just start driving immediately in a ice cold engine! I usually leave a few mins earlier on cold days to allow time for 2001 to warm up! :o)

Lee in Ottawa
11-24-2008, 09:57 AM
Ya i realize that, but that being said having a car that won't move until it has warmed up for 10 minutes isn't normal. Thanks for the helpful advice though :rolleyes: