View Full Version : '99 i30 Alternator issue

09-15-2008, 09:18 AM
Hello All!

I'm hoping someone can give me more info...
I own a 1999 Infiniti i30 & for the most part love my car.
I bought it from a family friend, who had purchased it a couple years used.

Over this past weekend (I've had my car for a year now), the alternator was on fire. Basically, drove a short way (5 mins or so), got to my destination, parked, turned off car, etc. I went to go put stuff in the car 5 mins later, and saw smoke coming out of my grill & opened the hood to see a little orange flame in front of the engine (where alternator is). Fire Dept had to come out & put fire out.

I googled Infiniti's & alternators, and saw there is a recall on the '97 & '98 alternators. Does anyone know more about this?