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  1. How many more miles can my friend expect to get on a used 97 Infiniti J30 that
  2. I need to find out what is wrong with my 1997 Infinity J30 car?
  3. how do i know if i need new drive belts for 1997 infiniti j30?
  4. anyone know about mechanical problems with 94 infiniti J30?
  5. infinity j30, alarm has locked out vehicle, won´t start, need help?
  6. Aftermarket stereo for a 1993 infiniti j30 with bose?
  7. how much would a j30 Infiniti 1994 be?
  8. Can not pull down the trunk lid of my infiniti j30, what do I do?
  9. calibrate key entrey remote control for an infiniti J30?
  10. bose cd player-1993 Infiniti J30?
  11. A/C problem on 94 Infiniti J30?
  12. IS the Infinite J30 a good car?when do infinities start to go bad?
  13. Car Question Dripping Water Infiniti J30?
  14. 1996 Infiniti J30 - where is the best place to get brakes done cheap? Im in the san
  15. 1995 Infiniti J30 left headlight doesn't come on?
  16. How can I fix my sunroof on my 95 infiniti j30 its stuck half open?
  17. Would stock or factory Infiniti G35 wheels fit on a J30?
  18. My car shakes when i hit 60mph in my '93 Infiniti J30, why is that? Do my...
  19. Why would my 1993 Infiniti J30 make a loud whining sound (especially on startup)?
  20. 1993 infiniti j30- can you turn off the overdrive? I don't see a switch.?
  21. What is the name of the song in the video for the Infiniti J30?
  22. trying to replace tension springs or rods that make the trunk lid raise...
  23. infiniti j30 vh45de for track?
  24. i want to put a new set of rim on my infiniti J30 but im not sure what the
  25. I'd like to change the color of my 96 infiniti j30, it's a cream pearl, beige
  26. The radio in my Infiniti 94 J30 goes dark , no music,no lights?
  27. 1993 Infiniti J30?
  28. how do i know if i need new drive belts for 1997 infiniti j30?
  29. where is the transmission cap on 1993 infinity j30?
  30. is a 1993 infiniti j30 a alright car for a 16 year old?
  31. How much should it cost to have the transmission rebuilt on the Infiniti J30?
  32. Is the timing belt on a 1993 Infiniti j30 on the outside or inside of the engine ?
  33. infiniti j30?
  34. Infiniti j30 problems..?
  35. should i use 10w-30 or 5w-30 on my 1994 infiniti j30 j30t?
  36. are my fuel injectors bad on my 1994 j30t j30 infiniti?
  37. infiniti j30 transmission mounts?
  38. 94 j30 infinity tranny will not engage into any gear.I replace the engine
  39. Infiniti j30 1995 repair manual, where can I find this?
  40. my locking system on infiniti j30 is acting crazy. my driverside door
  41. infiniti j30 stiff steering?
  42. How do I change the outer tie rods on a 1994 Infiniti J30?
  43. Anyone ever owned an Infiniti J30-T and there anything comparable on the market
  44. 93 j30 won't shift while care is running and the brake lights
  45. 93 j30 infiniti...i changed the brake switch..should i have changed both.?
  46. Question on Performance of 1994 Infiniti J30-T - Not 1984 as previously stated?
  47. Infiniti J30 Touring pros and cons?
  48. 1994 Infiniti j30 alarm kill switch?
  49. HELP! I may be buying a 1993 Infiniti J30, and the cruise control isn't working...?
  50. A better sunroof motor for Infiniti J30.....also? Multi-questions.?
  51. how to change timing belt on 1994 infinity j30?
  52. i have a 93 infiniti j30,when i am driving under 30mph the car feels like
  53. infinity j30 1993-never done tune up.212,000miles,what is the most important
  54. I have a 93 j30 infiniti. mM rear brakes lights won't go off unless I
  55. I have an 95' Infiniti J30 and it will not start, PLEASE HELP!?
  56. I have a 94 j30 w/ front end damage avail....
  57. Rough Idle, stalls
  58. Whack security system
  59. my infinity j30 wont shut off using the key ??.?
  60. Looking for J30 or J30T Stock Wheels
  61. Where is the altenator on the 95 J30?
  62. Infiniti J30 Altenator location?
  63. how do i fix my J30 infinity cupholder?
  64. i got a 1997 infiniti J30 and i got some questions about it.?
  65. Diecast Infiniti J30?
  66. Will 15" wheels form a I30 fit a J30?
  67. 1993 infiniti j30 problems?
  68. Is Infiniti j30 2004 a good deal for $2,100?
  69. Parts for a 93 Infiniti J30?
  70. Does anyone know where to get parts for a 93 Infiniti J30 besides the dealer?
  71. Should i fix my 95' infinity J30 oil leak?
  72. How does the panic alarm work on an 1994 infiniti J30?
  73. How does the anti theft alarm work on an 1994 infiniti J30?
  74. 1993 J30t For Sale as a Parts Vehicle
  75. Aftermarket Parts
  76. Infiniti j30 audio problem. HELP?
  77. Front End Damage/Engine Problems?
  78. 1993 Infinity j30 = reliable over 140k miles?
  79. My dash lights are out in my 1993 Infinity J30?
  80. Infiniti j30 194 w/ 161k miles vs Chrysler Sebring Convertible 1999 w/ 112k miles.?
  81. Infiniti j30 1994 w/ 161k miles vs Chrysler Sebring Convertible 1999 w/ 112k miles?
  82. Infiniti j30 1994 w/ 161k miles vs Chrysler Sebring Convertible 1999 w/ 112k miles.?
  83. How to prevent water leaking in the front passenger side floor of my Infinity J30...
  84. 1997 j30 engine stopped up not getting oil to the top of engine
  85. Motor problems in an 1997 Infiniti J30 help?
  86. 1994 Infiniti J30 ?
  87. 1995 Infiniti J30 Alarm System
  88. I a 1993 J30 Infiniti?
  89. I have an Infinity J30 1993 Transmission problems?
  90. 1994 J30 Body kits???
  91. j30 idle problems
  92. 95 and up infiniti j30 read differential what and where can i find this
  93. Would you rather buy a used 91 Acura Legend or 94 Infiniti J30? Both are in great...
  94. i have an infiniti j30 and two of my windows are acting weird....?
  95. How many drive belts does an 93 Infiniti J30 have?
  96. I have a 93 Infiniti J30?
  97. Where is a timing belt on a 1993 Infinity J30?
  98. what kind of oil does a 1993 infinity j30 takes?
  99. my 1993 infinity j30 squeeks when starts up?
  100. my infiniti j30 has wierd idle issues need help?
  101. will any nissan 300zx non turbo parts fit on a infiniti j30 since they...
  102. should i change the transmission fluid on my 1993 infiniti j30?
  103. need a tune up which plugs should i use on my 93 infiniti j30?
  104. need help my 1993 infiniti j30 is idling is acting up?
  105. my infiniti 1993 j30 idle has issues need help please!?
  106. how to activate 1994 infiniti j30 alarm system?
  107. Power Steering Hose for 93 Infiniti J30?
  108. Power Steering Hose for 93 Infiniti J30?
  109. 2.25 exhaust or 2.5 for a 3.0 v6 infiniti j30?
  110. Correct wires for a Infiniti J30 speakers?
  111. I have an Infiniti J30 and I need help.?
  112. Would a CDL switch cause a whine in a 93 infiniti J30?
  113. infiniti j30 problem?
  114. 1994 infiniti j30 no dash lights or radio?
  115. 1993 Infinity j30 parts?
  116. 1994 Infiniti J30 Engine?
  117. Infiniti J30 front end woes... Anyone have any ideas?
  118. will infiniti j30 pistons work in my jdm vg30dett 300zx.?
  119. Infiniti J30 97 power steering issue?
  120. What size (diameter and offset) rims can i put on a 1993 infinity j30?
  121. how do I remove and install fuel injectors for a 93, J30 Infinity?
  122. Quote for repairs to a Infiniti J30?
  123. A/C compressor on a infiniti j30.?
  124. Infinity J30 (1994) EGR Valves?
  125. 93 Infiniti J30, with no acceleration?
  126. No acceleration with a 93 Infiniti J30?
  127. Why don't my 93 Infiniti J30 RPMs do not go up when I hit the gas.?
  128. I need to know where the fuse box is for the radio on a 1994 Infiniti J30?
  129. i have a 1993 infiniti j30 four door sedan?
  130. pressed on the gas pedal. The car would not move....HELP PLEASE
  131. What is this problem please help me.
  132. search this forum?
  133. j30 1993 struts
  134. can you temporarily fix an a/c blower motor for an infiniti j30?
  135. Grease Fittings
  136. Where is the fuel pump relay in my 1995 Infiniti J30?
  137. Knock sensor
  138. I have a Infinity J30 when it is started idles rough and shakes?
  139. What's this screeching noise when I start my 93 Infiniti j30?
  140. squeeling
  141. Can I have my 1997 Infiniti J30 Wrapped (put advertisement on it)?
  142. IS $1,995 a good price for a 1997 Infiniti J30 4 Door?
  143. 93' Infiniti J30 won't shift to 3rd gear.?
  144. Hi and need help with 2001 I30 sun shade
  145. Considering a J30
  146. where is the heater blower motor at in a 1994 infiniti j30?
  147. infiniti j30 miles per gallon?
  148. Any St Augustine, Jax FL locals need parts?
  149. Wuhan Department Store Group to Build a Huge Mall in Wuchang Ugg Boots
  150. AMEX Owner Referral Program
  151. 1997 Nissan Maxima 200k 1993 Infiniti j30 200k $1000 O.B.O SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY THXS?
  152. My 1996 Infiniti J30's belt snapped while i was driving it. I changed all...
  153. 1995 infiniti j30 headlights problem?
  154. 93 j30 not starting
  155. custom front bumpers 95 j30
  156. Good job
  157. 95 J30 Parts
  158. How should I price a 97 J30t with VERY low miles
  159. Engine Oil Leak on my 1998 infiniti i30
  160. infiniti j30 (nissan leopard)
  161. 93 Infiniti J30, Radio and Climate controls don't "save" when you turn the car...
  162. infiniti j30 300zx engine problem?
  163. 93' J30t side mirror replacements and custom ideas?
  164. Struts and Stuff
  165. DTC Codes P0440 & P1448 on I30 1998
  166. Alarm system problem
  167. introduction
  168. spark plugs, coils not coming off
  169. how much will it cost me to repair my Infinity j30, 1993 car?
  170. 1994 J30 bad MPG and No power
  171. 97 j30 ac he4lp needed
  172. Looking To Put G37 Wheels On My I35...advice Needed
  173. is the engine harness from a 1990 300zx the same as a j30 infiniti?
  174. Drives Side Door REPLACEMENT... Help
  175. j30t and hicas
  176. Hicas in J30t
  177. Where do you add power steering fluid in an infinity j30?
  178. Drift on acceleration
  179. 1993 Infiniti J30 Turbo Conversion????
  180. brake rotors/ grease zerks 93 j30
  181. any ideas on an cold air intake that could fit an infiniti j30 1993?
  182. 1994 J30 - Jumps; dies when remove cables
  183. Changing Infinity I30 transmission
  184. Alternator?????
  185. do you have to program aftermarket stereos for a infiniti j30?
  186. How import is the knock sensor on a 1996 Infiniti j30?
  187. car wont start
  188. J30 service manuals
  189. VG30DETT Conversion????
  190. Where is the fuse for the radio located on a 1997 Infiniti J30?
  191. How to fix loose door handle on 94' Infiniti J30.?
  192. wuz up infinti world
  193. How to purge fuel lines in 1995 Infinity J30?
  194. FUSE for CLock and Power Seat memory on I30 2001
  195. Squirell cage blower motor blade
  196. No Interior Accessories
  197. key stuck in ignition
  198. ingition start switch removal
  199. Going Rates????
  200. Code P0305
  201. 1993 Infinity J30,Windows fail to go up
  202. j30t tach problems
  203. 95 J30 with 255,000 miles, should I still change the timing belt?
  204. 1993 j30 headlamp adjustment.
  205. Infiniti j30t for sale
  206. a few J30 issues....
  207. 20's on a J30?
  208. Best place to sell a j30t
  209. Parting out my J30
  210. ABS system.. Any one have 2000 i30 please check
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  213. Manifold Modification - EGR Tube
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  215. No start up!
  216. 93 J30t Water Leak
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  218. Looking For Power Steering Reservoir Cap
  219. Replacement Rack and Pinion recs?
  220. Bought a J30 1995
  221. J30 Where are the parts?
  222. Second J30 wanting to go big
  223. my 1994 infiniti reverse does not work
  224. my 1994 dashboard is out
  225. My 1994 front passanger head light is out
  226. J30 Wiper Arm Removal
  227. AC Blower Motoer 95 J30.
  228. power steering lines
  229. Data link connector description ??
  230. power issue !!!
  231. Storage Tray/Compartment Above the Clock Broken
  232. any body done plenun/t-belt!!!
  233. Need diag. tool...
  234. Possible purchase of a 1995 J30
  235. Fuel Pump Replacement Help?
  236. Sunroof inoperable please help
  237. '93 J30t no start
  238. plea for help
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  240. dash board lights are out
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  243. infinity j30
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